LMJ Blisters & Latexes Ltd. is dealing of halloween masks, latex masks,SM masks, latex costumes,gloves and socks. we have 10 years' experience in research and win good comments from customers all over the world,welcome to send us your own design or sample, we'll make a sample for you confirm the quality first,and always ensure you good quality for all orders.

Our products covers realistic female latex mask, halloween horror masks, freddy silicone masks, party sexy costumes and all kinds of blister printing arts. The latex realistic masks will change your face immediately,the eye masks and sexy latex costumes also very popularall over the world.

The latex material we used are 100% natural latex and safe for people to wear.some are with RoHS, SGS and UL approved,all latex material,PVC,PET,PS,PE,PC,ABS are available to produce.

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realistic masks including latex realistic masks,full head masks,female masks, old man masks,old woman masks,SM mask and movie masks,etc.customize design is available to produce,all materials are safe.

We can produce halloween masks like halloween horror masks,halloween Clown masks,halloween Monsters,Zombies, Aliens,Skeletons,Devils and Witches mask. all models can be produced by silicone,latex or PVC.

Animal masks like horse masks,chicken masks,monkey masks,sheep masks,deer masks,dog hood masks,pig masks,tiger masks,wolf masks,catgirlmasks, all can be made in latex and PVC.

We can produce all PVC cartoon masks nad latex masks like dog hood mask,Shrek mask and other Disney cartoon Masks,any kinds for Boy/Girl/Kids and adults are available.

All kinds of latex halloween gloves,toe socks,false teeth,latex feet ,halloween Costumes,Latex Wound Prosthetics and other halloween props are available to produce.

The Blister printing items including halloween decorations,PVC masks,3D frames,Iphone 5 covers,blister packaging and light box.any model or design can be produced.

We can produce all kinds of SM masks, latex toe socks and latex stockings,latex gloves and other adults sexy products,customer's design is available to produce, welcome to contact us for OEM orders.

Latex costumes can be produced in very sexy fashion style models,such as latex skirt,latex body suit and Dresses.It's good to wear black catsuit costume matched latex mask hood as cosplay fancy dress, which will make you shiney in parties.

We can produce all Disney silicone products, such as silicone Iphone cover,silicone tableware,bracelet,silicone wallet and other gifts,customer's design and sample is available to produce.

This halloween latex make you change your face when wearing it, and your friends will not recognize you.
This halloween mask and full head latex mask,enables you to change your face and your whole appearance within seconds. Your friends,colleagues and anybody else will no longer be able to realize it's actually you with this realistic mask.
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A very realistic full head mask just make you like in the movies.
A very realistic full head mask like female latex masks,movie masks,real man masks,halloween Clown Masks,masquerade masks,first directly on to your own skin and neck and around your eyes," Just like in the movies when wearing this realistic latex mask".
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Realistic female latex mask and halloween masks make you feeling amazing.
Our magic realistic female latex mask and halloween masks make you feeling very good,the lips can moving up and down following your real lips moving,it's available for female latex mask,SM mask,catgirl mask and animal masks.
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Our latex masks can be combined with wigs and glasses, which will make the illusion perfect.
Our latex realistic masks can be combined with wigs, goggles,sunglasses,hats and other accessories,in order to make the realistic female mask illusion perfect!latex female masks,full head masks and latex costumes are very popular items.
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